The Phoenix Lunch Fairy Tale

For those of you new to the Phoenix Lunch concept, it’s pretty simple really.

Once upon a time …

3 Little girls… there were three little networkers in Melbourne.  These three women, Angela Esnouf, Chris Owen and Janet Powell, felt so shocked and powerless after the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009 that they decided to leap into a fundraiser for the Bushfire Appeal.

Being all women in small business they looked to their businesswomen colleagues to help. They booked a venue for one week hence and worked their Contacts Lists like women possessed!  As they were all seriously effective networkers and mixed with other good networkers, word of the lunch spread virally and bookings flowed and generous offers abounded.

The Phoenix Lunch was held at Box Hill Golf Club on February 19th and raised just under $4500 for the Appeal

070Feedback from the event was EXTREMELY enthusiastic with many women reporting meeting good contacts for their businesses, new strategic alliances and joint ventures forged and much building of solid relationships.  Speeches were limited to a talk about the impact of the bushfires from Angela’s husband. a senior CFA Officer.  The rest of the time was spent talking, networking, and winning prizes!

So our three little networkers decided they’d like to keep running such fun events.  After all if they could do that in a week, they could just about do ANYTHING!!!!

The Networking Queens intend that all the lunches will:

  • have lots of laughter
  • steer clear of speeches or business education
  • encourage much networking and relationship building (using various nifty tricks to get people meeting as many others as possible)
  • support different charities by fundraising at the event
  • be for women in small business seeking to meet with other women in small business
  • Grow and develop with suggestions and input from other women in business

You Can contact our Three Networking Queens on


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